Passap   Knitting Machines
  • The main types of Passap knitting machines are :
    • E-6000 : Electronic 6000 double bed, with programm memory for front bed
    • DM-80 : Duomatic 80 double bed, with pushers on both beds
    • DM-S : Duomatic S double bed, with pushers on front bed
    • Vario : Single bed, modifiable for fine or thick yarn
  • Passap knitting machines are no more produced.
    We sell however, with one year warranty :
    • Second-hand and revised knitting machines and special accessories,
    • Brand-new special accessories,
    • Brand-new small accessories,
    • User's manuals,
    • Model books,
    • Passap magazines (in french or in german ),
    • Deco punched cards.
  • We repair knitting machines in our repair center.
  • We answer to your questions.
  • We provide for you price lists and leaflets.
(Story of Passap in German or in French)
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